10 Features Renters Want in a Property

Getting Your Property Ready to Rent? From storage to trustworthy landlords, check out our list of features that will make your property more desirable to a renter.

1. Storage Space
When choosing and updating your rental property, find creative ways to amp up storage space for kitchen appliances and additions, extra linens, and of course clothes and shoes. A large pantry, storage options for utensils, and walk-in or built-out closets always attract renters.

2. Laundry Facilities
Not having to walk to a laundry facility is always a bonus to a resident. If your rental space allows it, use a storage closet as a space for a downsized washer and dryer in smaller spaces. In areas where laundry in-house is uncommon, this could certainly guarantee your property is first to get rented out.

3. A Well-Maintained Unit & Community
Assuring your tenants that maintenance issues are addressed quickly is a great way to incentivize them. When choosing a location for your rental property to begin with, speak to the HOA or community manager to ensure you’re choosing a location with little to no property damage, or crime issues. If something in your rental neighborhood needs to be fixed, maintained, or updated, you’ll want to be on top of it before your renters have to be.

4. Location Location Location
If you’re on the hunt for a rental investment, start by looking in up and coming neighborhoods with places to eat, nearby activities, bike paths, and even school districts that would be attractive to your renter. You can add an extra wow-factor to a nice property with recreational activities in walking distance or a short drive away.

5. Curb Appeal & Outdoor Space
When the nice weather hits, you’ll surely impress your tenants with a space to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether your land includes a large back yard or a small terrace, including upgrades like a firepit, small set of outdoor furniture, or well-maintained pavers and a garden, landscaping and a place to enjoy good weather is a wonderful renter incentive.

6. Move-In Ready
Your rental should not require any repairs to carpet, paint, or appliances. All of this should be repaired upon listing your home for rent. Deep cleaning should be performed prior to any showing or move-in date.

7. Neutrals
Keeping your home updated with current trends is always a nice touch, but keeping it neutral will also allow the renter space to make it their own. Neutral colors inside a home are typically associated with peace and relaxation and open up a space to appear lighter and larger.

8. A Good Pet Policy
For most people, their pets are their family. Come up with a pet policy that works for you but will allow your renter to bring their fur family to their rental as well. You can ask for a pet deposit for any damage and have conditions written into your contract in case of any unforeseen pet damage.

9. Unique Smart-Home Features
Times are changing, and convenience is king! Thermostats that allow the user to control the temperature with a phone app, electric car outlets, and automatic lights are just a few examples of smart device amenities that can help add modernity to your rental property and catch the eye of potential tenants.

10. Trustworthy Landlord
The best way to make a rental property attractive to a tenant is to ask yourself what you would want in a property. Don’t take shortcuts on any additions to your rental property and make your tenant aware that the lines of communication for any issues are open at all times. When you are available to resolve issues quickly and keep a well-maintained property, you will establish a good relationship with your renter, and attract new ones quickly.

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