Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you lend on owner-occupied houses?

No, we only provide financing for investment properties. This means that the borrower cannot live on the property at any time during the course of the loan.

Where do you lend?

You can find our lending map here.

What property types do you lend on?

Residential Investment Properties: Attached and Detached SFR, 2-4 units, Townhomes, Condos, Manufactured and Modular homes, and Multifamily apartments.

What is your minimum loan amount?

The minimum loan amount is $75,000 with a minimum As-Is value of $50,000 for a single family residence, see our loan programs pages for more requirements.

What is your maximum loan amount?

The maximum loan amount is $10,000,000, any request above the maximum amount will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

What is your maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV)?

The maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) will be based on the location of the property, borrower’s credit score, experience level, and loan program selected. As an example, the maximum LTVs are 90% of purchase price + 100% of the rehab financing, not to exceed 75% of the After-Repair-Value (ARV).

What are the minimum FICO requirements?

There is no minimum FICO requirements for a one year bridge loan; however, the FICO score will directly impact the maximum leverage. Most long-term rental loans have a minimum FICO score of 620.

How quick do you close?

Closing time frames depend on the type of loan selected. On average, short-term loan transactions are funded and closed within 7 to 12 days from the date of the appraisal order. Long-term financing time frames vary depending on the market of the subject property.

Do you lend to Foreign Investors?

Yes, we do lend to Foreign Nationals. The requirements are: Valid ITIN Number, Valid EIN Number if vesting in an entity, Current and valid Passport of Country of Origin, Current and valid VISA, and Funds used for transaction to come from a US bank account. Not all loan programs are available to Foreign Nationals.

Is a licensed General Contractor required?

For new construction, yes. For renovation projects, it depends on the scope of work. If the renovations are minor, no building permits are needed, and you have documented experience with prior projects, the use of a licensed general contractor may not be required.